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Importance of Selling a House to an Investor.

There are several techniques you can use when you are selling your house. But the two common methods an individual can use to sell their homes include selling directly to an investor and the second option involves listing the house with a real estate agent. An individual should fully comprehend that the two techniques they can use to sell their property have advantages and disadvantages. Listing the property with a real estate ensures that they undertake the whole procedure which include marketing the house, showcasing the house to potential clients and finally overseeing the sale procedure. After all this is done and the house is sold, the homeowner pays some commission to the real estate agent.

The second strategy you can use when you are selling the house involves looking for a cash buyer to purchase the house directly from you without using the services of a realtor. This method has gained popularity because it offers many advantages to the homeowner compared to the first procedure where you are required to list your home with a realtor. This article highlights some of the benefits of selling your property directly to an investor compared to listing your house with a real estate agent.

The first advantage of selling your house directly to real estate investor is that it is the fastest method an individual can use when disposing their house. When selling your house to an investor, the deal normally takes two days and the money availed in your bank account within twenty four hours. Real estate investor who buy houses from homeowners normally have cash and does not rely on some credit funding in order to buy your property.

On the hand listing your home with a real estate agent normally takes a duration of six months before you get money. This is because most buyers who purchase the property using the services of real estate agent normally use mortgage for the purchase. It is important to note that banks needs a of data when processing loan application for people who want mortgage financing. It is important to note that once you have applied for the loan, it is not automatic that you will get the mortgage loan, in some cases banks denies individuals loans for different reasons. If this happens, then the real estate agent need to start the whole process again by looking for another new buyer who can buy the property. It is important to note that situations like this where the bank denies an individual a loan can make your property to be listed for more than one year. This method is therefore not advisable to individuals who need cash urgently for their homes. Therefore when you need money urgently for your property, you need to sell your house to a real estate investor.

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