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Being A Stripper

Being an exotic dancer has always been a no factor to a lot of people since the job is believed to be immoral however if you could just look at the job in a different perspective there and then you will realize how advantageous it could be.Exotic dancers ego are well polished by the fact that they are showered by money when dancing who doesn’t want that.

Having made the decision to be a stripper you have to have less concern with what people say and see life differently since you will be meeting different types of people every day some will try to criticize what you do others will encourage you.The funny thing about stripping is that when you expect the negative attention it turns out you tend to be followed around by men who can’t get enough of you.

If you sleep in, the job can be advantageous since you will be sleeping in after a long night shift not forgetting the money since it is the main factor.Dancers make a lot of money in less than three minutes since that’s how long a song can last the money is enjoyable since it is legal and it was your hard work and no education is required to rack in that amount of cash.

The the phrase more money more problems also applies when it comes to strippers since the bad influence in the clubs can lead to bad behavior like the use of drugs.

Physical fitness is the real problem when it comes to new strippers since you get to be on the pole without stopping by doing this you tend to be physically fit with time since you get to work out on the job.
When going on stage you have to have the wow factor this means that you will have to wear costumes every time you’re on stage you can embody a character that boosts your ego maybe you can dress as a police officer.

Wearing high hills is no problem to strippers since they wear them every day to a regular person the normal high heel is a problem but to a stripper they can wear them and walk anywhere and still be comfortable with them.

Philological health is a very important factor in one’s general health when strippers get on stage they tend to improve that by showcasing what they have and showing their sexy for most people that can be hard but to strippers that happens on a daily basis.

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