The Beginner’s Guide to Travel

Successful Ways of Accumulating Free Flight Miles and First Class Upgrades

You cannot afford to travel to multiple destinations with the current increase in airfares. International travel has become the preserve of the rich. However, with a little knowledge and being imaginative, you can join the frequent flyers club. Ways of acquiring free flights and upgrades will be well demonstrated in this editorial.

Using credit cards that earn and accumulate travel points. It is important to research on the best suitable credit card that earns travel points. With the right credit card it will be important to plan its usage to ensure that it accumulates enough travel points for the planned travel. Number of points needed for free flights depends on the airline and sufficient points means free flights.

Committing to be a loyal flyer is also a way of flying for free or requesting for upgrades. It is very important to pick one preferred air company and consistently use it all through. With an option of carrier credit card it is advisable to pick one instead of an open travel point card. If you travel with one airline consistently you gather more frequent flier points. For you to accrue enough travel miles or points you need to avoid jumping from one flight to another due to cost. In addition, when you are a frequent flyer it is easier to request for a class upgrade and the airline will find a reason for the upgrade.

if you need an upgrade you can consider accepting to take latter flights to build up a reason. Most commercial airline will feel obliged to upgrade you if you offer to take a later flight and request for upgrade. When the airlines have overbooked clients who calmly accepts to take an alternative flight shows there trustworthiness with the company and therefore stands a better chance of upgrades if they request and space is available though not a requisite. Offering to take a later flight provides the airline with more reasons to upgrade you.

One of the crucial element in landing an upgrade is being dressed as the class of upgrade. Being decently dressed and looking like a business class flyer will definitely land you the upgrade. Your look will determine if the airline will consider you for an upgrade or not as they need to maintain a certain standard.

For you to land a free flight or upgrade you need to time your flight wisely. Any upgrade is only possible when seats are vacant and therefore need to plan for off seasons when most seats are vacant. To benefit maximally from travel points and miles book your travel during off seasons when the flights are cheaper. It is important to know that flights can only offer upgrades when they have first class open seats.