The Amazing Uses of Drone Technology

Drones have become immensely popular over the last decade. From artists taking pictures at great heights and stunning angles, to maps being charted of remote areas, the uses grow as Drone Technology improves constantly. The high resolution data capacity makes drones ideal for research and helping scientists and professionals gain insights into otherwise inaccessible places.

Search and Rescue Efforts

Advanced drones have been instrumental in greatly improving search and rescue efforts in accidents, finding people who are lost or missing, and identifying thermal signatures of people trapped. Instead of focusing time, equipment, and first responders on areas where people might be trapped, drones can pinpoint locations where people are definitely trapped.

The difference is a matter of life or death for people under rubble, in buildings or bridges that are partially collapsed, or injured in hiking or skiing accidents. Another advantage is that drones can cover large areas quickly with no problems. They can fit into small holes or cracks to search for survivors and cover terrain that has been left in ruins.


Drones are now used to help geologists and archaeologists create three-dimensional topographical maps of areas marred by rough terrain, high mountain tops, and inaccessible coastlines. Dense forests are also being explored for the first time in some cases. The information is beneficial to understanding impacts of climate changes, lost civilizations, and past seismic activities.

Storm Tracking

Eliminating some of the dangers of tracking storms, drones can get closer to the centers of storm types and transmit data that has never been recorded before. Meteorologists, alternative energy researchers, and engineers are using the information.

Meteorologists are discovering readings that can help better predict occurrences. Researchers are seeking to develop ways to harness wind power more efficiently. Engineers hope to be able to create safe structures that can withstand natural disasters. All these efforts are being expedited by the use of drones.


Drone racing is a new sport for those who have some experience with controlling the devices. People do not have to be experts to join in the fun and excitement, they just have to be familiar with operating them. There are races and competitions for all levels of expertise. This use is not as important as search and rescue, but it certainly releases tension and creates thrills for those participating and watching.