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Steps to Buying the Best Solar Shades

Despite the benefits of sunlight, the UV rays can damage furniture, floor, and draperies if it enters into the home. The blackout shades may not be the best since you wish to see the outside while being protected from the sunlight. The solar shades are better because they protect the interior from harmful UV rays as well as allowing outside visibility. The UV rays are responsible for the heating and can make the room extremely uncomfortable during the summer. With solar shades, you can reduce the heat entry to the house drastically. By lowering the cooling energy requirements, you save on energy costs.

Different types of solar shades have differing level of performance. knowing how to select the best solar shade is very important. This article discusses some things that will refine the choice of solar shade that you buy. The first thing is to know your needs. You will then see the UV rating in the shades label. Higher UV rating means that less heat will enter the house when the shade in the down position. Such a shade will be very effective in reducing your energy costs . Also, the amount of heat you get from the outside during winter will be less. in case you want to allow heat entry, you should raise the shades.

As far as the visibility to the outside is concerned, the openness factor is crucial. An openness factor of one percent will show that only one percent of the fabric is transparent. When you look closely at the fabric, you will see tiny pin holes. Less light is allowed when the openness factor of the shade is less. The average openness factor of most solar shades is seven percent.
if you buying on budget, you may wish to consider buying the less costly alternatives. If you can afford to buy the late stock, you can save a lot. You can even try to locate some home improvement stores and see what they have. Most of them will provide clearing stock as low prices You can as well look for the same from large fabric retails. This will help you cut on the costs yet get a high quality solar shade.

The solar shades will allow you to protect the furniture, draperies and floor. Consider looking for shades that you can install from the outside rather than those that can only be installed from the inside. It is proved that shades that are made from the outside provide more than 20% heat protection than those installed inside the window frame. Protecting your household items from the UV rays is a great action.5 Uses For Shades

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